Services Provided

Mental Health Consultation, Coaching and Collaborative Learning

Mental Health Consultation, Coaching and Collaborative Learning, are voluntary services offered, with the goal of providing a safe environment to receive supportive listening and guidance, leading to increased self-insight; gain knowledge leading to healthier relational, organizational and life practices; enhance skill-building and resources. 

It is engaging and collaborative. This model offers both brief and on-going care. It is always confidential and private.  It is suitable for individuals, couples, families, organizations and their leaders, and mental health providers.

The only form the consultant will use is a summary form. This form will include the observations, goals and recommendations of the consultant. You may have a copy of this form at any time. The consultant agrees to maintain information as private, except in the following cases: (See Privacy and Policy Page):

·    In cases where someone is at risk of being harmed.

·    If neglect, or abuse of a minor has been reported.

·    To a medical professional in a bonafide emergency. 

Examples of Mental Health Consultation, Coaching and Collaborative Learning for Individuals, Couples and Families may include:

·    Active/Reflective listening.

·    Observational assessment.

·    Supportive guidance for prevention, maintenance and growth in areas of mental health and overall wellness.

·    Identifying strengths, problems, and solutions through guided exploration and education.

·    Education and coaching on mental health topics for self and family members; providing resources and suggestions for best practices.

·    Focus on wellness: education and coaching on best practices and goal setting.

·    Education and coaching on relational health and best practices.

·    Coaching on effective coping strategies.

·    Facilitating referrals to resources as needed.

 For clients who are interested, Pastoral Counseling can be woven into this model through use of practices such as Christian spiritual direction, integration of scripture and theology, outside readings and education on personal spiritual practices.


Coaching, Consultation and Collaborative Learning for Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Mental Health Practitioners may include:

·    Education, consultation and coaching on leadership best practices, skills and paradigms, for optimal well-being of the leader and members of a leader’s organization.

·    Education, consultation and coaching for mental health practitioners, identifying individual strengths and deficits that influence and impact care provided.  This is not clinical supervision.

 Consultation, Coaching and Collaborative Learning Are Not Psychotherapy or Professional Clinical Counseling. There is no diagnosis, no medical records, and no direct treatment interventions. These are not bound by the same regulations as Clinical Psychotherapy or Licensed Professional Counseling.  The consultant can help you establish therapy or other community services if you are interested.

The consultant both generates and consolidates appropriate resources to meet specific needs and goals of clients, and collaboratively guides clients toward holistic approaches/perspectives that support overall well-being at personal and relational levels.

This model of care is not appropriate, nor can it treat, acute mental health needs (i.e. suicidal ideation and self-harm; untreated anxiety, depression, disorders of mood or thought; active addiction; activated or newly emerging trauma or PTSD, etc.).  This model of care is not suitable for individuals, families or couples who are experiencing intense interpersonal conflict, volatility, abuse, or facing litigation.

Clients best served by this model are those who have a reasonable degree of emotional stability and overall mental health; and who are open and willing to collaboratively engage in the growth and learning process within and outside of consultation sessions.