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GrowthIs wired into every human being....finding out what keeps us stuck is the essence of counseling.


Welcome to your counseling journey!  Whether this is a first-time experience for you, or the continuation of a process,  it is my privilege to work with you in a therapeutic relationship.  As you consider investing time and resources into this journey, it is essential that you know what you can expect of me as your counselor and of our work together.

Four words capture the essence of my approach to counseling:

Collaborative....together we explore the past and present landscape of your life; together we understand and interpret the meaning and impact of your experiences; together we determine the best course of action that will facilitate your ability to thrive.

Holistic....you are a multi-faceted human being; therefore, multi-faceted assessment and treatment modalities are utilized to address the whole person.

Active....as your counselor, I am an engaged facilitator in your process and not simply a passive set of listening ears; as my client, I expect you to be an engaged participant in the work of transformation both during and between our sesssions. 

Hopeful....I firmly believe that suffering, disappointment, pain, confusion and trauma do not have the final word in a human life or in communities; you will experience this hope in the atmosphere of our relationship, even when you cannot believe it for yourself.

I invite you to explore my website and contact me directly with any questions or concerns as you consider embarking on this journey.  Much respect and grace to you as you discern your next steps.